English Vocabulary set 1

English Vocabulary set 1

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English Vocabulary set 1


The Fair Sex

Women Play second fiddle in the society and since her childhood, a girl child has been brain fed that she will one day leave her kith and kin and go to her husband’s house. She is taught to be mealy mouthed and live-wire and is expected to stand by her husband through all weal and woe willy-nilly. The root and branch of her very existence is for her husband and she is always expected to be in tune  with her in-laws. A man is supposed and expected to keep his wife under his thumb and he is looked down upon as an queer fish if he is unable to hold his wife to the leash. It’s all Latin and Greek to me as to why lakhs and crores are paid to the groom’s father. Isn’t it buying a pig in a poke? Besides this, goods and chattels are bought for the girl and her to be husband but the items do not include any computer, study table or books. I mean nothing related to grey matter. I am totally at sea when I speak on this issue and when out and out weird replies come. I feel as if I have stirred the hornet’s nest and I am casting a slur upon the age –old tradition. When the life partners are at loggerhead, it is the woman who bears the brunt of the society. She usually tries to gild the pill even when her family life is at sixes and sevens and god forbids if the couple burn their boats, it is the lady whose life comes to a standstill as it is not easy to get fair field and no favour in a patriarchal society. She gets into hot water and her whole life is supposed to have gone to dogs once her married life meets its waterloo. A girl always stands against all odd and through thick and thin in her father’s and husband’s life but beware, once she is pissed off you will be really up in the creek because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  1. Fair Sex – Women   (महिलाए)
  2. Play second fiddle – To have subordinate position (दोयम दर्जे)
  3. Brain fed – Taught (सिखाया गया)
  4. Kith and Kin – Near Relatives (नजदीकी रिश्तेदार)
  5. Mealy mouthed – Soft- spoken (विनम्रता से बोलने वाला)
  6. Live wire – Energetic (ऊर्जावान)
  7. Stand by – Support (साथ/ समर्थन देना)
  8. Weal and Woe – Joy and sorrow (सुख दुःख)
  9. Willy – Nilly – Whether one wish or not (इच्छा से या बेमन से)
  10. Root and branch – Complete (सम्पूर्ण)
  11. Be in tune with – In agreement or mood (सह्मति से)
  12. Keep someone under thumb – To keep someone under one’s control (दबाकर रखना)
  13. Queer fish – Strange (विचित्र)
  14. Hold someone to leash – To restrain (काबू में रखना)
  15. Latin and Greek – Unable to understand (समझ के परे)
  16. Buy a pig in poke – To buy a thing without knowing its actual worth (बिना सही मोल जाने कुछ खरीदना)
  17. Goods and Chattels – Belonging of Home (घर का सामान)
  18. Grey matter- Intelligence (बुद्धि)
  19. At Sea – Confused (उलझन में)
  20. Out and Out – Completely  (पूर्ण रूप से)
  21. Weird – Strange (विचित्र)
  22. Hornet’s nest – Controversy (विवाद)
  23. Cast a slur – To disrepute (बदनामी का कारण बनना)
  24. At loggerhead – Quarrel (झगड़ा)
  25. Bear the brunt – To bear the main attack (हमले का केंद्र बनना)
  26. Gild the pill – to Cover the unpleasant thing with a pleasant thing (किसी अप्रिय चीज़ को प्रिय चीज़ से ढकना)
  27. At sixes and Sevens – In a state of disorder (अस्त व्यस्त)
  28. Burn one’s Boat – point of no return (वापसी का कोई रास्ता न होना)
  29. Come to a standstill –stop (रुक जाना)
  30. Fair field and no favour – Equal opportunities to all (सभी के लिए समान अवसर)
  31. Patriarchal – Male dominated (पितृसत्तात्मक)
  32. Get into hot water – Get into trouble (समस्या में पड़ जाना)
  33. Go to dogs – Ruined (बर्बाद)
  34. Meet one’s waterloo – To face final defeat (हार का सामना करना)
  35. Against all odds – Despite many difficulties (कई समस्याओं के बाबजूद)
  36. Through thick and thin – In all circumstance (हर हालत में)
  37. Pissed off – Annoyed (परेशान)
  38. Up in the creek – In serious difficulties (गंभीर समस्या में)
  39. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – There is nothing as unpleasant as a woman who has been offended (एक महिला जिसके साथ कुछ बुरा किया गया है, उसके गुस्से से ज्यादा अप्रिय कुछ भी नहीं हो सकता)

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