English Vocabulary set 3

English Vocabulary set 3

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English Vocabulary set 3

IDIOMS and PHRASES ( for High Court Assistant)
1- Bee in one’s bonnet –
Meaning – Carrying an idea which constantly occupies your thoughts.
Example – She is not happy in Africa. She has a bee in the bonnet about moving to Dubai.

2- Get the show on the road
Meaning – Putting up a plan or idea into action.
Example – Now that we have completed all the legal formalities, let’s get the show on the ride

3- Keep your fingers on the pulse –
Meaning – Being constantly aware of the most recent developments.
Example – An entrepreneur must keep his fingers on the pulse of the market to be successful

4-Think on your feet –
Meaning – Adjusting quickly to changes and making fast decisions.
Example – A good sales man must be able to think on his feet to close the deal.

5 – Sail through something –
Meaning – Being successful in doing something without difficulty.
Example – The presentation at the national conference was extremely important for the company. We sailed through it.

6- Not let grass grow under feet –
Meaning – Don’t delay in getting something done.
Example – As soon as he finished all the registration formalities, he put the house on sale. He doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet.

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7- Back-room boys –
Meaning – People who perform important work but have no contact with the public.
Example – Our back room boys deserve applause for the success of this advertisement

8- Shape up or ship out –
Meaning – This expression is used to warn someone that if they do not improve their ways, they will have to leave their job.
Example – When Tom started neglecting the customers, he was told to shape up or ship out.

9- Blood, sweat and tears –
Meaning – Something that requires a lot of effort and hard work.
Example – Being the team of Indian cricket team is not just a matter of luck for him, it is his blood, sweat and tears which has got him here

10- Have on the brain –
Meaning – Thinking or talking about it all day long.
Example – He has just got engaged. Now, he has his fiance on his brain all the time.

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