General English For High Court Assistant set 3

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General English For High Court Assistant set 3

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General English For High Court Assistant set 3

Welcome to your General English 3

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. 

There appears to be a relative lull on the power front. After the initial euphoria with regard to allowing the entry of private and foreign capital into the power sector, the promised guaranteed 16% return on net worth, liberal financing facilities, a higher than usual debt and equity norm, the government is now waiting for the flood to arrive. How realistic are the expectations of the government can be made out by the response of the private sector.

          Till date, there is less than 1000 mw of generation capacity under active implementation in the private sector, mainly by those companies which are already involved in power generation and distribution. There are very few actors entering the business. According to power ministry sources, there are proposals to put up more than 8000mw of generation capacity in the private sector out of which about 50% will be with foreign investment; but how many of these proposals will materialize?

          Many of them are merely undergoing viability studies or are restricted to the signing of memorandum of understanding with respective government agencies. As regard foreign investment in this sector the less said the better. The 2000 mw projects in Orissa which was announced with great fanfare by the state government is now in the dumps because Southern Power Corporation, USA decided to back out of it.

It has also been the experience that while foreign companies are willing to extend credit, supply equipment and setup the generation facilities, they are not so forthcoming when it comes to equity participation and running the plants. At this rate it is unlikely that there will be any substantial addition to generation capacity in the private sector in the Ninth Plan, leave alone the Eighth Plan, And even if all of these projects do come through- a very unlikely prospect – it will be of only marginal significance, a mere 10% of the planned additional generation capacity of 80,000 mw by the end of the Ninth Plan.

1. Which of the following has the same meaning to the word "Flood" as it has been used in the passage?

2. Which of the following represents most closely the author's opinion regarding the development of power generation units?
3. According to the author, What is the problem in realizing the 8000 MW capacity which the government is anticipating?
4. Which of the following has not been indicated in the passage as an incentive for increasing power generation capacity?
5. By how many times does the ministry anticipate the power generation capacity in private sector to go up when compared to existing private sector capacity?
6. What is the author's estimation regarding the increase in power generation in private sector at the end of the Ninth Five Year Plan to the planned capacity?
7. According to passage, Why should "new actors" entering  the business of power generation?
8. Why does the author state that he less said about the foreign investment the better?
9. What is the problem, according to the author, with foreign investors?
10. How does the author see the changes in the power sector during Ninth Year plan period when compared to the earlier one?

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