General Science Mix test || General Science online quiz

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General Science Mix test

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General Science Mix test



1 A Woman's voice is shriller than a Man's voice due to ________
2. The time period of a simple pendulum having a spherical wooden bob is 2 sec. If the bob is replaced by a metallic one twice as heavy, the time  period will be _______.
3. A person rings a metallic ball near a strong concrete wall. He heard the ECHO after 0.3 sec. If the sound moves with a speed of 240 m/sec, How far is the wall from him?
4. The power of lens of focal length 80 cm is ______.
5. No matter, How far you stand from a mirror, your image appears erect. The mirror is likely to be ______.
6. The Upper and lower portion in common type of bi-focal lenses are respectively ?
7. Match the following

A- Electrical Force                 1. Volt

B- Electric Charge                 2. Newton

C- Electric Potential                3. Farad

D- Electrical Capacity             4. Coulomb

8.Potential difference between two points of a wire carrying 2A current is 0.1 V. The resistance of the wire is ____.
9. A electric bulb is marked as 240V, 60W. The resistance of its filament is ______.
10. ________ is used to check over speeding of vehicles.
11. Nitrous Oxide is also known as
12. Gypsum (CaSO4 •2H2O) is added to cement to ____
13. Match the following

List 1 (Alloy)                               List 2 (Constituents)

A- Bronze                                    1. Lead & Tin

B- Brass                                      2. Copper & Tin

C- German silver                         3. Copper, zinc & Nickel

D- Solder                                     4. Copper & Zinc
14. The pH of fresh water slightly decreases upon exposure to air because
15. Rods & Cones are present in
16. The fibrous sheath that connects the bones is
17. Muscle fatigue is due to the accumulation of
18. Normal Blood pressure of Human body is
19. The yellow color of urine us due to presence of ______
20. Sweat Glands occurs  maximum number in the skin of the _____



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