Learn Vocabulary with Stories

Learn Vocabulary with Stories

Learn Vocabulary with Stories, build vocab with hindi stories, learn vocab with Akbar Birbal stories

Learn Vocabulary with Stories



  1. Acquity

Meaning: Sharpness of thought

syn : Cunning, wise

anto : Lame, Foolish

ex: Birbal was known for his acquity.

  1. Adroit

Meaning :  clever or skillful

Syn : clever, Artful

Anto : Dull, Inept

Ex: She was known for her adroit way of solving any problem.

  1. Adjutant

Meaning : administrative assistant to a senior officer

Syn : Substitute, Deputy

Anto : Chief, Officer

Ex : The adjutant tried his best to impress the chief.

  1. Addle

Meaning : Confused

Syn : Perplexed, Puzzled

Anto : Sure, Affirm

Ex : She was addled out of fear.

  1. Adhere

Meaning : to stick

Syn : Fixed, stick

Anto : Disagree

Ex : Let us adhere to our previous plan.

  1. Agility

Meaning : ability to think and act quickly

Syn : handiness, prowess

Anto : Inability, Incapacity

Ex : Birbal was known for his agility in solving people’s problems.

  1. Adjure

Meaning : Guide

Syn : Direct, Encourage

Anto : Follow, Obey

Ex : My mom adjures me to eat healthy food always.

  1. Adept

Meaning : Skilled

Syn : Expert, Proficient

Anto: Inept, Talentless

Ex : She was adept in making anyone happy around her.

  1. Acquiesce

Meaning : Accept something reluctantly but without protest

Syn : Consent,  Embrace

Anto : Reject, Oppose

Ex : She acquiesced to their plans even though she disagreed.

  1. Adage

Meaning : proverb expressing a general truth

Syn : Saying, Proverb

Ex: “Early bird catches the worm” is an old adage

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